Our Coffee

Our coffee is supplied by the coffee roasters Carvetii. It is an ever changing coffee offering which reflects the coffee harvest in various countries.

Our core product is our Seasonal Espresso Blend which often utilises a percentage of African coffees to produce a brighter profile with a fruity undertone.  In milk this produces a smooth, sweet beverage.

Our Knott Halloo espresso blend uses coffees with a naturally lower acidity and often tends towards a more chocolate and nut profile.  Again, in milk the character is smooth and sweet.

We always have a decaffeinated coffee on our list which changes seasonally in line with our other coffees.

If you would like to use our coffee at home you can either pick up a bag from us or go directly to the Carvetii website and set up a subscription with them. www.carvetiicoffee.co.uk